If I Worked The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Not my photos! Courtesy of Jim Holden/English Heritage/AP

What would be The Full Pike’s role?

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was a series of spectacular events held over several days.  I was asked if I was hired for such an extravaganza, what role would I play in event production?

If hired as a Producer for an event of this magnitude, I’d be responsible for:

  1. Working closely with police, fire and emergency services, and the city to ensure all is permitted and in accordance with all safety regulations.
  2. Coordinating the efforts and scheduling of all technical, staging, and rigging crews with Technical Director/s and their senior lead engineers.
  3. The massive coordination of the load in and out of large production trucking, all show power and electrical through to daily crew meals. 
  4. In terms of audio, I’d work closely with the Senior Audio Engineer to establish systems and power for ‘front of house’ and the huge line array delay towers that line the streets of London. Each sound tower would have to be incrementally ‘delayed’ so there’s no echo from front of stage to hundreds of feet into Hyde park in this case.  Likewise, with the huge KED VIDEO screens, all would have to be synced with as little latency or ‘delay’ between the onstage camera shots to the tone they appear on screens. 

Stage design, lighting designers, and a myriad of other factors would come into play but the undertaking and precision involved in planning a monumental show like this take the best of the best in their technical discipline. No rookies on this gig! 

Then there would be an entourage of staff and event specialists to manage talent, VIPs seating, parking, transport, and so on!

This was a stunning display performance and execution of state-of-the-art audio visual by production systems experts with years of experience.  Congratulations, your Majesty!

(Not my photos! Courtesy of Dominic Lipinski/AP and Jim Holden/English Heritage/AP)

Photo courtesy of Dominic Lipinski/PA via AP