Have you Booked Your Event Show Caller for 2023?

Felix Pike as Event Show Caller and Stage Manager
Felix Pike as Stage Manager control position

When is the Right Time to Book a Show Caller or Stage Manager for Your 2023 Event?

NOW is the time to hire a show caller! It’s never too early to book key talent.

Summer is generally a slow time in Miami for corporate events, but high season 2023 is quickly approaching, and our calendar is filling up fast.

Hire Key Staff Now

A Show Caller or Stage Manager of events is one of the Key Players in the success of an event. As they are in high demand, it’s always best to contact and secure this integral player as soon as you have dates and a budget. 

With so many corporate and consumer events on the calendar for 2023, staff and equipment hires can become scarce and hard to fill. Staff shortages have been a constant challenge for many industries for the past two years, and the event industry is no different.

Waiting to Hire Costs Money

Waiting too long to hire crucial staff can become a costly endeavor. While one might be able to hire from outside the South Florida market for production staff, paying for necessary flights, per diems, and lodging will cut into the event’s budget.

As we get into the New Year, the multitude of events creates tough competition for anyone who’s not ahead of the game and organized well ahead of the event timeline. Key staff, technicians, equipment, venues, and hotels to hire become scarce, and the price of everything skyrockets. And so does your budget!

Hire Local

By hiring local talent such as Felix Pike, you not only save the cost of outsourcing, but Pike also comes with a vast network of industry associates and vendors, easing your challenges instead of navigating unfamiliar territories by hiring outside your market.

We can’t emphasize it enough:  If you want KEY TALENT, BOOK NOW.

Need a Stage Manager, Show Caller, or Production Manager?

Call Felix Pike of The Full Pike today!

Felix Pike as part of production team
Felix Pike works as a show caller part of a successful production team